Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February Goal

January's Goal to choose the better choice actually worked so well for me! Of course I am human, and sometimes you need to veg in front of the TV after a day of 25 5-6 year olds! (but I LOVE IT, so I'm not complaining)! But it made me so aware of the things I was doing and what I could be doing better!

This month I have decided to choose my goal to be :

I can't think of a way to describe what it means, so I searched and found this definition and it is perfect!

"Self-mastery is the power within us to control our desires and actions. Such power is necessary to return to live with Heavenly Father. It requires continual effort on our part, but as we develop self-mastery, we become better prepared to make correct decisions."

I know there are little things that I wanna change about myself, and I don't want those things to control me, So I am choosing self mastery this month to take control of my choices and become better!

A person who is such an example to me of this is my BEST FRIEND and SISTER Katie!! She really takes control of her choices and lives how she knows she should! And I LOVE HER!


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