Saturday, March 26, 2011


OK friends- if you do not do this yet you must-- Couponing!! I am crazy about it- I stay up late printing coupons, I dream about good deals, and I just spent 2 hours at the WALMART with Maia who hates shopping! I know I am crazy.

It all got started with this little show-

About a month ago they did this TLC special(It has now turned into a series I guess)- where these extreme couponers got their groceries up to 90% off- it was ridiculous! But it got me thinking... I wanna do that!

Although my grocery bills haven't saved me 70,80,90% off from this new obsession, I usually save about 50% and I think that is great!

I know this is something that I could consume my life with- because it is a fun and it does get addicting- but I have tried really hard to do my best, and if something I need doesn't have a coupon or there isn't an ad for it- then it is ok- I get it anyway and realize that I am saving money on a lot of items I already need!

So here are the trips I went on today!

first stop-


My sister, Katie has been coming with me to target and we have had a lot of fun searching for the deals, and looking on the clearance end caps! So we went today and got a few things....

2 bottle of dove body wash- matt likes the smell, and I had 2 coupons, and it was on clearance- so those were .78 each!
2 bottle of hairspray because Matt goes through this like crazy- I had $1.00 off coupons for it I also scored on this one because it had a mini shampoo and conditioner attached to each of these. so those were 2.24 each!
a bottle of visine- because I had a $2 off coupon on this and it was only 1.97- so yes I will take that free item- THANK YOU!
a bottle of generic ibuprofen- because it is $.99 and I had a $1.00 off coupon on this- so another FREEBIE!!

so this was a total of $6.91- and it would have been 15.20- so that is a % savings of...55%( if Matt did the math right!! Cause I couldn't even figure out how to do it!)

Pretty Cool, huh?? Nothing Crazy like 90%- but I still feel great about it!

2nd Stop -


So of course the beloved Walmart that most of us shop at, and their prices are already pretty low on most things, so why price match and coupon? Because it's FUN!! and you can save $$$$!!

Well I went into Walmart with my ads and my coupon binder thinking I was organized! Well next time I will do better, because I think the checker hated me! She stopped asking to see my ads that I was price matching with and just believed the prices I told her, I memorized them anyway- so it was all honest!

So after I felt like everyone was watching me, and my 6 ads, and my big binger, and my crying baby and my unorganized cart- I spent a total of 51.85 on 97.79 worth of things!

among those you will see...
Diapers- for my best friends shower this saturday- which I saved like 5.50 on! So I payed about 3.50!
2 KY Jellys tubes- FREE
Excedrin extra stregth- FREE!
Rockstars- matt buys these for 2.29 at the gas station- and I payed 1.00 each!
Powerade- only 39 cents!
about 6 bags and 2 boxes of pasta only 49 cents each!
Secret deoderant- 1.99! So many people get this stuff free- but I am only a beginner!
Wheat thins- .99 FAMILY SIZE!
eyelash curler- 87 cents
Ground turkey 1.00 each
Frozen veggies 50 cents
(And in the photograph I forgot to add the mayo-
3 boxes of pop tarts- lettuce and grapes!)

Ok the list keeps going but it really is so exciting to me that I am not buying anything I would not normally buy and I can save all that money!

When you think about it I got paid $25 an hour to shop! cause I saved over 50 bucks on these 2 trips!

So at Walmart it is fun because they accept store ads, store coupons, manufacturers coupons! So when it's on sale I buy a lot- and I think I have enough pasta for 1 year!

Now are you thinking, this takes too much time, it seems too stressful and hard? So did I when my sister Caroline told me about couponing months ago- but after seeing what these people were saving I decided to try! And I still get nervous when I go to a lane that the checker is going to tell me NO- you can't do that! And if they did- oh well I wouldn't get it- no big deal! As you can see I was so hesitant to start doing this, and the checkers have been so easy to work with(for the most part) and they are happy to help(for the most part)! and it's funny but with couponing and price matching- you can do it as much as you want or as little as you want- but it still feels good, because you are still saving money!
I just truly believe little Changes will make Big differences, and it is funny to say- But I don't think I could ever go back to shopping like I used to!

OK Enough on my soap box! just don't knock it till you try it and don't go in line behind someone with a shopping cart full of ads, and coupons, and screaming 1 year old!!


Lindsey said...

Sarah way to go!! I was doing coupons in brigham then stopped when life got to busy with moving. I was so excited to move down here where there are more stores, but I have yet to start up again. Do you ever shop smiths? Thats where i seemed to find some of the best deals. You will have to keep me posted and maybe we can get together and you can re-motivate me!

Paulina said...

After reading this I might start couponing, sounds fun and my hubby will love me even more for saving us some money!