Saturday, April 16, 2011

Spring Break

This week I had the whole week off for Spring Break! It felt a little long, cause we didn't go anywhere and didn't have major plans- but we had a good time just being together! Matt still had school and work, so Maia and I made the most of our time together!
We went to Lunch with Grandma Karen, and then we went swimming at her pool!
I went to Zumba with my friend Hillary- and her little girl Livy and Maia had a fun time in the Day care together! Then we went to the Thanksgiving Point Farm country and Dinosaur Museum thanks to Grandma Karen! We got to go with Maia's little friends from Grandma's Day care! She loves those "brothers"!

I of course had to go to my classroom one day and it was this day! Maia didn't mind since it was only a couple hours! Then we went Shopping with Grandma Jeanne!
I went to Zumba in the morning and then just had a nice relaxing day just being a mom and keeping Maia on a good schedule!
I went to Zumba again (and yes I am feeling it now!! I love being SORE!) Then Katie came over and we went coupon shopping(I saved about $20 bucks!! That is always fun) But thankfully I had Katie, because we know how much Maia loves to go to the grocery stores!! NOT!
Then Matt came home and we went to Trafalga and ended up buying the Pass of all Passes!! Didn't think I would- but it will be fun to have something to do with Maia this summer!!
We went to the ZOO!! and boy did Maia Love it!!! WE had a great day just our family and then Matt had to go to work! He works so hard for our family, I am so proud of him!!

So spring break was a nice break! I liked being home with Maia, keeping her on a pretty good schedule, keeping up on the house duties, and making breakfast(isn't there just a sense of accomplishment when you make breakfast? I really love making it for my family! It's like you are starting their day off right!)!! Although I only have to work about 5 hours every morning I still have a hard time keeping up on the everyday life stuff!! Because as you teachers know teaching is not just a 5 hr/day job!!

So this spring break was like a little peak into what summer will hopefully look like! Time to be a good mom, housekeeper, cook, exerciser, and wife!

But being a mom to this little girl I
think is the best job of all!!

Hope you all had a great week!!!

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Alyson Bailey said...

That was so fun to see u today! Looks like u had a fun spring break with your Maia. She looks a lot like both of you. Let your mom know if she needs any help, especially with just having had surgery I'd love to come help. My schedule's pretty open. My number is 801-879-5795. Take Care!