Saturday, May 28, 2011

Maia Turned 2!!!

Yes We have a 2 year old!! How fun!! Maia is getting so big and so smart and she is finally 2! She is growing so fast and learns so much each day! We are constantly saying "OK I swear a 2 year old can't do that!" We think she is a genius!!

She loves...
-Pirates of the Caribbean
-Fruit snacks
-Hot dogs
-Brothers(twin boys at my moms day care- they are 4 and they are best friends!!)
-Getting Sick:( Ok not really loves it, but I swear she does it all the time!!

WE had a little family birthday party on Thursday! It was a lot of fun and it turned out great! Everyone pitched in to help and that made it a much more enjoyable day!! Enjoy the pictures!!

She didn't feel totally herself (as you can tell) but she did have a cute costume to wear(That CAroline MADE!!)

Isn't this cake AWESOME!! I just loved how it turned out! I bought it at this awesome bakery!! NOT-Caroline MADE IT!! She is talented!!

So Happy that April was in Town and could come- So good to see her, Avery and Jaren!
Overall She got really spoiled and We had a great day!


The Ellis Fam said...

Happy Birthday Maia Girl. Love you lots and lots. XOXO

Warburtons said...

So cute. I cannot believe she is already two. Time goes by so fast.

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