Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Let's Do THIS!

Before Me and Maia usually take off for one of our daily adventures We have a little motto-
I say "ok Maia what do we say?"
and she says "Thank you"
And I have to say "No, say Let's do this"
And she quickly excitedly replies with "Let's do dis"!
She really is the most fun to hang out with!! and that is exactly what we have been doing!

I have not been into the computer thing lately- crazy for me who usually spends a bit of time working on the computer or surfing the internet for Kindergarten ideas! There is no time for blogging when there is fun to be had! We have enjoyed a great summer! It's usually just me and Maia because Matt is either at school or at work! Busy guy.... Who knows when we will have more time with him!?
  • We have been to Dinneylan (you have to say it like that in our house)

    And found our way to the Beach while we were there

  • We have been swimming more times then we can count(with 4 trips to 7 peaks so far and 3 to the splash pads)!

  • We have had a lot of play dates with some new friends in our neighborhood!
  • We have taken a few library trips
So it seems like we really just go, go, go this summer! I am just trying to make lots of good memories and make the most of our time together while we have time!!

School starts in a few weeks, and although I only teach half time, it still really seems to rule my life!
so My thoughts to whoever may be reading this....... Have a Happy Rest-of-Summer and play lots while the sun is shining bright and while the pool is still open!!


Matt and Sarah Joseph said...

I am missing out on a lot of fun!

Anna and Park Sorenson said...

I'm jealous of all the fun you are having! Miss and love you!

Alyson Bailey said...

Hi Sarah- Your summer looks like it's been perfect! I loved your little update. Enjoy the last few weeks!

Aniie♥ said...

Linda familia (;

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